“Wat Pho Man” or full name “Wat Pho Man Khuna Ram” is located in Soi Sathupradit 19, Bangkok. This is not a simple Chinese temple but it is a Chinese temple with collaboration of Chinese-Thai-Tibetan art. It is not easy to find a temple like this in Thailand. This temple is popular among Sino-Thai people to  pay homage to the Buddha for the prosperity together with the family.

Wat Pho Man, or known as Chinese. “Pho Mueng Por Ung Yi” (普門報恩寺) is a Chinese temple in Mahayana Buddhism built in 1959 by a master Chinese monk Master Yen Tek (Pho Jang Maha Thera), with help from the government officials, merchants and villagers. Until today, the age of the temple is nearly 60 years. The highlight of Wat Pho Man Khuna Ram is the perfect blend of architecture of Chinese, Thai and Tibetan style designed by the first abbot of the temple.

It is notable that the art of Chinese temple, which starts from the “Front temple”, located in front of the temple. The front of the temple is inscribed with Tibetan characters. The interior is enshrined by Sri Sathirathi Bodhisattva (Metteyya) image, and the Veda Bodhisattva in the background. There are also the four keepers of the world (多聞天王 / 多闻天王, 增長天王 / 增长天王, 持國天王 / 持国天王, 廣目天王 / 广目天王) in the corner of the temple which for which  Buddhist temples in China are usually built in the temple.

Next building is sanctuary house. When enter inside, it’s like being in Chinese kung fu movie as the wall is full of Chinese art. Also Chinese priests dressed in orange that looks like they are about to practice at Shaolin Temple. The roof of the building is a roof with three layers of Chinese architecture. On the top layer of the temple contain and pagoda with relics of Buddha. At the bottom, there is a “Wheel of life”  and also small deer standing at various points in the temple.

Do not forget to observe the monogram “The Royal Monogram” of His Majesty the King Rama IX. It is a sign that His Majesty the King Rama IV gave to the temple when he went for establishment of a pagoda for the temple some time ago. Inside there is a big gold Buddha image called “Buddha Watcharaphon” whose name was given by His Majesty the King Rama IX.  In the middle of the temple, there are bright red pillars with golden dragon crown around them. When looking up the roof,you will see small 1,000 Buddha statues enshrined near the top.

On both sides of the temple, it decorated with the image of 500 monks. It may look like a normal drawing from a distance but when I look closer, you will see that it is a picture of a large mosaic with magnificent colors.

When walk around the temple, you will notice that even this is a Chinese temple, thete are heart-shaped stones making the limits of Buddhist temple just like Thai temples. The temple is also similar to a temple in Thailand. Among the four stones,  two have marble leave shape as a sign of Tibetan Vajrayana, that you can see a combination of China and Thailand and Tibet clearly..

As a Chinese temple, there are image of Chinese gods that Chinese people respect in the back of the main temple building. One is god Avalokiteśvara (觀世音) statue and god Kṣitigarbha (地藏菩薩) statue.  In addition, there is a pavilion that bone ash of Master Pho Jang Maha Thera, the first master monk, who built Wat Pho Man Khun Na Ram, for people to pay homage to.

Inside the pavilion there a detailed history of  Master Pho Jang. So from this detail, we know that Master Pho Jang  as a Chinese born in 1901 in Guiyang, Guangdong Province. In 1927, he was ordained as a Buddhist monk and traveled to Sing Buri province Thailand to practiced meditation as well as learn from many master teachers that time. He become a philosopher and a great monk who had been respected from people.

Throughout his Buddhist monk in Thailand, had been promoted to seven times by His Majesty the King Rama IX which in the past has never been any Chinese monks have such high honor. He held the highest rank of honor Chinese monk in Thailand.

Wat Pho Man Khuna Ram is the center of the doctrine of the Theravada from Thailand and Mahayana Buddhism from China and Tibetan Buddhist monastery. The temple is also a source of Chinese Buddhist Mahayana in Thailand as well. This temple is a popular temple among people who . It is also one of the most beautiful temples that display Chinese gods in the temple, with beautiful murals and Buddhist art.

Wat Pho Man Khun Ram can be reached by air-con bus number 142, 519, 102, 62, 62, 77, 77, 180, 67, or private car using the first expressway at Sathupradit Rd. Then turn right to Central Rama 3 on Narathiwat Road and turn left to Soi Narathiwat 24. If you come from Sathupradit. Turn right into Soi Sathupradit 19 (Soi Wat Pho Man). The temple is opened  daily from 07.00 to 18.00 hours.

Location: Wat Pho Man Khuna Ram, 323 Sathupradit Rd., Soi 19, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120. Or you can go to Soi Narathiwas Rajanagarindra 24, the temple is open daily from 7:00 to 18:00.
For more information call 0-2211- 7885, 0-2211-2363

Website: www.pumenbaoensi.com


“Wat Pho Man”或全名“Wat Pho Man Khun Ram”位于曼谷Soi Sathupradit 19。这不是一个简单的中国寺庙,而是中国与西藏艺术合作的中国寺庙。在泰国找不到这样的寺庙是不容易的。这座寺庙受到中泰人民的欢迎,与家人一起向佛祖致敬。

Wat Pho Man,或称为中文。 “普门报恩寺”(普门报恩寺)是由中国僧人禅师(Pho Jang Maha Thera)于1959年在政府官员,商人和村民的帮助下建造的大乘佛教中华寺庙。到今天为止,寺庙的年龄已经近六十年了。 Wat Pho Man Khun Ram的亮点是由第一位寺庙设计的中国,泰国和西藏风格的建筑的完美结合。

值得注意的是,从“前庙”开始的中国寺庙的艺术位于寺庙前面。寺庙刻有西藏人物。寺庙由Sri Sathirathi菩萨(Metteyya)的形象和Veda Bodhisattva在背景中奉献。在佛教寺庙的角落里,还有四名守护者(多闻天王,持国天王/持国天王,广目天王/广目天王)中国通常建在寺庙里。

下一座建筑是避难所的房子。 Khi进入里面,就像在中国功夫电影中,墙壁充满了中国艺术。还有中国牧师穿着橙色,看起来像是在少林寺练习。建筑物的屋顶是一座三层中国建筑的屋顶。寺庙的侏儒包含了宝塔和佛祖的遗物。在底部,有一个“生命之轮”,还有一只站在寺庙各处的小鹿。


在寺庙的两边,装饰着500名僧侣的形象。 可能看起来像一个普通的绘图,但是当我看得更近时,你会看到它是一个大的马赛克与壮丽的颜色的图片。


作为中国的寺庙,在寺庙大厦的后面,有中国人崇拜中国人的形象。 一个是神Avalokiteśvara(观世音)雕像和神Kṣitigarbha(地藏菩萨)雕像。 另外,还有一个亭子,他是第一位和尚师父Pho Jang的骨灰,他们建造了Wat Pho Man Khun Na Ram,供人们致敬。

展馆内有Pho Jang大师的详细历史。所以从这个细节来看,我们知道傅大师傅是1901年出生于中国广东省贵阳的华人。 1927年,他被任命为和尚,前往泰国布隆赖省练习冥想,并从当时的许多教师那里学习。成为一个受人尊敬的哲学家和伟大的和尚。


Wat Pho人Khun Ram是来自泰国的上尉教义和来自中国和西藏佛教寺院的大乘佛教的中心。这个寺庙也是泰国中国佛教大乘员的来源。这座寺庙是人民中最受欢迎的寺庙。它也是在寺庙中展示中国神的最美丽的寺庙之一,美丽的壁画和佛教艺术。

Wat Pho Man Khun Ram可以乘坐142号,519号,102号,62号,62号,77号,77号,180号,67号的空中巴士到达,或私人车辆使用Sathupradit Rd的第一条高速公路。然后右转到Narathiwat路的中央拉玛3号,左转到Soi Narathiwat 24.如果你来自Sathupradit。右转入Soi Sathupradit 19(Soi Wat Pho Man)。寺庙每天开放时间为07:00至18:00。

位置:Wat Pho Man Khun Ram,323 Sathupradit Rd。,Soi 19,Yannawa,Bangkok 10120.或者你可以去Soi Narathiwas Rajanagarindind 24,寺庙每天从7:00到18:00开放。

位置:Wat Pho Man Khun Ram,323 Sathupradit Rd。,Soi 19,Yannawa,Bangkok 10120.或者你可以去Soi Narathiwas Rajanagarindind 24,寺庙每天从7:00到18:00开放。



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