Asiatique The Riverfront is a largest open-air mall in Bangkok. Asiatique is the name that is derived from former docks of the East Asiatic Company where it is situated in. At Asiatique Riverfront you can experience the colors of historical-look structures, glamorous shopping and dining area with variety of 45 restaurants and a few top ones with beautiful view of Chao Praya River. There are special shows that are ready to impress visitors every night.

Asiatique The Riverfront becomes popular instantly since its opening 5 years ago (2012), probably because of its look and feel, combined with exotic atmosphere and beautiful scenery, and architectural style from 1907 to 1947. It will become a new landmark of Bangkok in no time

It was born under the concept of Festival Market and Living Museum, a tourist attraction and lifestyle shopping center on the Chao Phraya River. It is aimed to be the largest riverside market in Asia.

The area is designed with a wide range of elements. To accommodate and fulfill the needs of tourists and groups of people.  For those who love Thai culture, there is also a theater for live performance that can fit more than 400 audience. The two most popular shows are “Puppet theater by Joe Louis” and Calypso Cabaret.

There are 4 main zones (sometimes called district) in Asiatique. Downtown zone is an outdoor courtyard. It contains international food and drinks. It has a combination of a simple atmosphere with a festive atmosphere. Drinks and cool beer are available here, and the most popular restaurant is Asia House.

Factory zone is a new meeting point for friends in this neighborhood.  This area makes use of old factory building as main shelter but there is no actual factory here. It has a large collection of restaurants, pubs and shops of fashion products. It’s truly market with nightly atmosphere. Town square zone offer a lot of activities and open-air street shops.

In riverfront zone, the romantic area.  You can immerse yourself in the panoramic view of the waterfront of the Chao Phraya River with a 300 meter long riverwalk. There are many top restaurants offering Japanese, Italian, Thai, Chinese and seafood. This is the most expensive zone in the market.

The highlight of Asiatique are souvenir shops for tourists, top restaurants on riverside and Asiatique Sky. There are about 1,500 shops in the market and the price is not very expensive. It is very expensive for restaurants on riverside. Street restaurants in the middle of the market are much cheaper.

Asian Ferris Wheel or Asiatique Sky is a giant Ferris wheel is over 60 meters high, located in the middle of the market, waiting for people who love height. Even you don’t love height, you can still admire the panoramic views of the evening or night of the Chao Phraya River from Asiatique Sky. See more details.

Good news for animal lovers. This market is pet friendly where you can bring you dogs in and walk almost all the area. Most restaurants allow pets in but for some you will have to leave pets outside. The best way to make sure that your pet is in control is to a carry strap along, handbag or wheelchair for pets in order not to disturb other people.

Asiatique is one of the tourist attractions that is quite easy to go by the sky train. It can be accessible by cars, coach tours, buses and taxis. However, it is a little far to walk. The best way is to take free boat from Saphan Taksin pier which will arrive every 30 minutes and take only 5 or 10 minute to Asiatique. Don’t worry that you will be left behind as the boats can take up to 100 people a time. The pier itself is only 100 meter from the BTS station.

Location: Asiatique Riverfront located opposite to Charoenkrung 93
Open Hours: 16.00-24.00 hrs everyday
Tel: 0-2108-4487


Asiatique河滨是曼谷最大的露天购物中心。在Asiatique Riverfront,您可以体验历史悠久的建筑,迷人的购物和餐饮区,各种餐厅和几个顶级的餐厅。以湄南河美丽的景色。有特别的节目,每晚都准备好打动观众。


它是在湄南河旅游景点和生活方式购物中心Festival City and Living Museum的概念下建造的。旨在成为亚洲最大的河滨市场。





Asiatique的亮点是游客纪念品商店,河畔顶级餐厅和Asiatique Sky。市场上约有1500家商店,价格不是很贵。对于河边的餐馆来说,这是非常昂贵的。市中心的街头餐厅便宜得多。

亚洲摩天轮或亚洲天空是一个巨大的摩天轮,超过60米高,位于市场中间,等待着爱高度的人。即使你不喜欢高度,你仍然可以欣赏到从Asiatique Sky到湄南河的夜晚或夜晚的全景。查看更多细节。


Asiatique是天空火车很容易走过的旅游景点之一。可乘汽车,旅游巴士,公共汽车和出租车前往。但是,走路有点远。最好的方法是从Saphan Taksin码头乘坐一艘免费的船只,每隔30分钟即可抵达,只需5或10分钟到达Asiatique。不要担心你会被遗忘,因为船只每次可以容纳100人。码头本身距离BTS车站仅有100米。

位置:Asiatique Riverfront位于Charoenkrung 93对面

Plan of Aasiatique the Riverfront



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