In Thailand about 700 years ago, during the Ayutthaya Period,  people normal populated first near rivers. Since the roads back then were not as good as  in where roads were not as good as today, people use rivers as means of transportation and economic activities. Boats were used to carry goods for trading in communities along side of rivers, and this formed floating markets which become hub of local economics for a few hundred years.

Later when roads and railways were more developed, transportation of goods was move to ground and so were floating markets. Nowadays, there are limited numbers of floating markets in Thailand and majority of them might disappear in 10 or 20 years from. While their popularity among nearby small communities remains, it’s good time to visit them before they disappear.

Taling Chan Floating Market 
Taling Chan Floating Market is probably the 3rd most famous floating market in Thailand, just behind Amphawa and Damoen Saduak floating market. Since both Amphawa and Damoen Saduak are not in Bangkok, Taling Chan Floating Market would be the most famous one in Bangkok. The market is located in Khwaeng Khlong Chak Phra, Khet Taling Chan, Bangkok, roughly 10 kilometers from Siam Paragon.

At the market, you will sell bunch of market and restaurants along the river with many boats selling things but lately there fewer boats not like we see in movies or photo. However, it’s still a genuine market to visit. You can buy fruit or tasty “Som Tum” from a boat, and everybody knows it is targeted at tourists but food is really good. There are cheap long tail boat you can ride along the river but we don’t recommend as it is not worth sight seeing from a boat. The market is only open during weekend, sometimes it’s crowded but sometimes it is not.


Photo: Ninara

What we like: 
– Tasty local Thai food & fresh seafood
– Eating by the river
– Cheap Massage
– Everything is very local, village, market, vegetable, daily life, etc.

What we don’t like:
– Mostly it’s market on river bank, with a few boats.
– Boats that sells food and fruits are not
– Not many activities to do

Should you visit?
Yes, if you like experience local life and have half afternoon to spend.

Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 8 am to 5 pm
How to get there: Take BTS to Wongwian Yai Station then ride a taxi for about 20 mins. Taxi will cost around 150 THB. For cheaper option, just ride the bus from Central World and it will take about 1 – 1.3 hours.


大约在700年前的泰国,在大城府期间,人口普遍居第一,靠近河流。 由于道路不如今天路面不好,人们用河流作为交通工具和经济活动。 船被用来运载河流边界社区交易货物,形成了几百年来成为地方经济中心的浮动市场。

后来当道路和铁路发达的时候,货物的运输搬到了地面,浮动市场也一样。 如今,泰国的流动市场数量有限,其中大多数可能在10年或20年后就会消失。 虽然他们在附近的小社区的受欢迎程度依然存在,但是在消失之前先访问他们的时候了。

后来当道路和铁路发达的时候,货物的运输搬到了地面,浮动市场也一样。 如今,泰国的流动市场数量有限,其中大多数可能在10年或20年后就会消失。 虽然他们在附近的小社区的受欢迎程度依然存在,但是在消失之前先访问他们的时候了。

Taling Chan Floating Market 
Taling Chan浮动市场可能是泰国第三大最着名的浮动市场,紧随Amphawa和Damoen Saduak市场。 既然Amphawa和Damoen Saduak都不在曼谷,Taling Chan Floating Market将是曼谷最有名的一个。 市场位于Khwaeng Khlong Chak Phra,Khet Taling Chan,曼谷,距离暹罗百丽宫约10公里。

在市场上,你会沿着许多船出售东西,沿着许多船只出售一些市场和餐馆,但是最近有更少的船不像我们在电影或照片中看到的那样。 但是,这仍然是一个真正的市场。 你可以从船上购买水果或美味的“Som Tum”,大家都知道它是针对游客,但食物真的很好。 有便宜的长尾船你可以沿河骑,但我们不推荐,因为它不值得从船上看到。

在市场上,你会沿着许多船出售东西,沿着许多船只出售一些市场和餐馆,但是最近有更少的船不像我们在电影或照片中看到的那样。 但是,这仍然是一个真正的市场。 你可以从船上购买水果或美味的“Som Tum”,大家都知道它是针对游客,但食物真的很好。 有便宜的长尾船你可以沿河骑,但我们不推荐,因为它不值得从船上看到。 市场只在周末开放,有时候是拥挤的,但有时却不是。

– 美味的当地泰国美食和新鲜的海鲜
– 在河边吃饭
– 便宜的按摩
– 一切都非常地方,村庄,市场,蔬菜,日常生活等。

– 大部分是河岸上的市场,还有几条船。
– 销售食品和水果的船不是
– 没有多少活动要做


如何到达:乘坐 BTS 到 Wongwian Yai Station 然后乘坐出租车约20分钟。 的士将耗资约150泰铢。 为了更便宜的选择,只需乘坐从中央世界的公共汽车,将需要大约1 – 1.3小时。

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