Ryokan is a Japanese word. According to Wikipedia, a Ryokan (旅館) is a type of traditional Japanese inn that originated in the Edo period (1603–1868), when such inns served travelers along Japan’s highways. They typically feature tatami-matted rooms, communal baths, and other public areas where visitors may wear yukata and talk with the owner.

There is one and only one Japanese style in Chiang Rai. It’s located in Ban San Pu Loei, Tambon Buasali Ampher Maelao, 15 kms from Chiang Rai city center, and it is only 3 kms from the White Temple.

Basically landscape and culture in Chiang Rai is difference from Japan. Setting up Japanese style coffee shop in Chiang Rai, especially in middle of rice field is something we don’t see before. The owner who loves Japanese culture very took this challenge and started building Japanese-style coffee shop anyway.

Despite this contrast, Ryokan Café in Chiag Rai is trying to resemble the real ryokans in Japan as much it can. It provides customers who travel from near and far with fabulous food. There are many drinks to choose but the popular ones are  hot matcha green tea, Iced matcha green tea latte, and iced capuchino. There are also menus of fusion food that mixing between Japanese and Thai style. We recommend Nam Ngeiw Ryakan, Thai curry noddles that has less spicy taste and a little sweet and sour.

Not just a foods and drinks, Ryokan Cafe also provide 4 Japanese houses as a resort for customers. The accommodation is decorated in Japanese style some of items are original. The rooms are opened for customers in winter only (mid of Oct to end of Feb).

Why you should go?
When you visit the famous Wat Rong Khun (White Temple), this place is a good place to stop by for your relaxation. It’s only 3 kms from Wat Rong Khun and only 1 km from the main road. It’s a is good idea to stop by this coffee shop for refreshment, enjoy nice view of rice paddies.

Free Wifi
Price: Ice coffee from 75 THB – 120 THB
Open 09:00 – 18:30 (Tuesday is closed)
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/RyokanCafe



清莱有一种也是唯一的一种日式风格。位于Ban San Pu Loei,Tambon Buasali Ampher Maelao,距离清莱市中心15公里,距离白宫仅3公里。


尽管如此,在Chiag Rai的RyokanCafé尽可能地像日本的真正的ryokans一样。它为来自近距离和远处的客人提供美味的食物。有很多的饮料可供选择,但受欢迎的是热辣酱绿茶,冰淇淋绿茶拿铁咖啡和冰壶。还有日本和泰国风格混合的融合食物的菜单。我们推荐Nam Ngeiw Ryakan,泰国咖喱点心,味道较少,有点酸甜。


当您参观着名的荣荣寺(白庙)时,这个地方是您放松身心的好地方。距离Wat Rong Khun仅3公里,距离主干道仅1公里。停止这家咖啡店喝点儿是个好主意,享受美味的稻田。

价格:冰咖啡从75 THB – 120 THB
营业时间09:00 – 18:30(周二休息)



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