Most people like to be with nature. However sometimes it is hard to feel in touch with the nature with the present of air-conditioned, modern rooms with modern decoration, and rooms with concreted wall. Sleeping under the night sky, get blanketed with stars and breath fresh air freely in the midst for nature is like a dream. Glamping can fulfill that dream.

Glamping is  a new style-conscious camping places where stunning nature meets modern luxury. It’s a way to experience the untamed and unspoiled nature without having to sacrifice comforts.

In short, glamping is a tent but with accessories to give you more comfort and mostly it is trying to locate very close to nature while not damaging it. It could be in the mountains, rice field, waterfall, and forests.

Glamping used to be a high-end getaway which mostly surrounded by unspoiled and untamed nature such as tent camp in Chiang Rai, Soneva Kiri in Trat and Hintok River Camp in Kanchanaburi and normally cost ten of thousand Baht a night. Because of its unique advantages, location and cost of maintenance, glamping is normally more expensive than convention hotels. To get a nice glamping, you will probably look at the cost from several thousand Baht to ten of thousand Baht.

Today glamping is more affordable than before that you can experience it not far from where you live. Many glamping placeskeep popping up all over Thailand past few years, from Chiang Mai to Loei and from Kanchanburi to Samui.

For those who want to get close to Northern Thai local life, there is a new glamming place newly opened in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai province, that you can experience.

This place is called NANEE Maerim Lake View. It was opened since 3 November 2017. There are 9 private tents and main house which hasn’t open for service yet.  Its location is not far from Mon Cham (25 kms away), Tiger Kingdom (7 kms away) and Maesa Elephant Camp (13 kms away).

The owner has plan the area into 4 sections which are rice field, vegetable farm, pond and housing. All tents are located near the pond adjacent to rice field where you can view morning sunrise from your tent. Just a few walk from the tents, you will be able to feel real rice field with stuning mountain in the backgroud.

NANEE Maerim Lake View applies the King Bhumibol’s Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy for it daily living, which mean to rely on self products as much as possible. For example they grow rice and vegetable themselves, also has a pond for fish. All crops grown by NANEE Maerim Lake View are 100% chemical free. In fact, rice and vegetable served to customers there are from their own farms.

NANEE Maerim Lake View, the scenic of rice fields here is quite nice and it is best to represent the feature that Northern Thailand. You will enjoy walking, eating and staying near the rice fields like local people do. You will also able to join farmer activities like fishing and rice farming. Join farming activities is one of the best ways to experience the essence of northern Thailand. There is a short boardwalk into rice field so the guests can get close to the rice field too.

The normal price for 2 persons is 3,500 Baht per night which is equivalent to lower 4-star hotels in Chiang Mai. It might seems a bit high for a basic stay and of course it is expensive for regular concreted building in cities. However, as mentioned earlier the price of gramping is normally higher than regular stay, and in exchange for gorgeous view and superb atmosphere like this, the price is quite decent. Besides, during introductory period, there is a huge discount to 2,625 Baht which is a very a good deal.

NANEE Maerim Lake View also has a special building section to demonstrate the way of life of Thai farmers. Here you can join local farmers to grow rice and fishing.

Since the main scenery of NANEE Maerim Lake View is rice field and mountain in the background, the best time to visit it is when farmers are growing rice so that you can experience closely the local life of Northern Thailand. Also during rice fields are covered green color of young rice.

Basically best time to visit is from May to August and continue to winter (October to end of Jan). Normally from July to September is rainy season and sometimes it might be heavy rain. As it was just open a few weeks back, not if they open in rainy season period and if they do, no sure how the tents will handle heavy rain and strong wind, but rain is exactly the real experience for being with local formers. It should be fun experience for those who life being close to slow local life.

– Plugs and power leads are available in all tents
– All tents come with shower gel, shampoo, towels, handkerchief, toiletries and shoes
– Electric fan for cooling when needed
– Drinking water and hot water available all night
– The bathrooms  are not far from the tents, 8 rooms for men and another 8 for women rooms separately. Hot water and hair dryer are available.
– Free Wi-fi
– Safe private parking
– Free breakfast
– Free bicycles
– Activities for children such as fishing
– Children under 7 years old free of charge
– No pet allowed

For 2 persons: Normal price 3,500 Baht a night (Discount rate until end of Jan 2018: 1,575 – 2,625 Baht)
For 3 persons: Normal price 4,500 Baht a night (Discount rate until end of Jan 2018: 2,025 – 3,375 Baht)
For 4 persons: Normal price 5,200 Baht a night (Discount rate until end of Jan 2018: 2,340 – 3,900 Baht)

Contact Info:
Line ID: @nanee
Tel : +66-94-7104091


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