Bangsaen is the second most popular tourist attraction in Chonburi. Most if not all travelers come here to visit Bangsaen beach which is not even in the top 50 most beautiful beaches in Thailand.  Since it is located not too far from Bangkok with distance of 70 kms, people normally come for a short trip to enjoy the atmosphere of the sea and back to Bangkok in a day.

There are several tourist attractions in Bangsaen however this post presents the only the highlights which are not too far from the sea as follows.

Bangsaen beach

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Bangsaen beach is 14 kms from Chonburi town and 50 kms from Pattaya beach. Bangsaen beach stretches over 2 km long and is lined by restaurants and accommodation. It is one of the popular destinations in Eastern, especially by Thai families on weekends and national holidays. There are swimming pools, banana boat, bicycle for rent. Sand is not as white as on islands but still cleaner and whiter than in Pattaya and alos peaceful and easy-going compared to Pattaya beach.

Most people come here for beach activities and seafood. There are a few fresh market nearby where visitors can buy fresh seafood from fishermen with less than half the Bangkok price. At the market there is cooking service available where you ask the sellers to cook your food and bring it to eat on the beach or under the shade of the coconut trees.

There are seafood restaurants along the beach road too. They sell fresh seafood and not very expensive. However, if you can, just avoid cheap seafood that the hawkers bring and sell on the beach. That cheap seafood from those hawkers doesn’t have good grade and is normally not clean.

When compared to Pattaya, Bangsaen beach has a more relaxing and sleepy feeling and it is perfect for family picnics near the beach.

Wonnapa Beach

Wonnapa beach is the lower beach of Bangsaen beach. The look and feel is similar to Bangsaen beach but more quiet and peaceful. It is an alternative for those who do not want to face the crowd in Bangsaen beace. Highlights is at the end of the beach which is local market where local people buy seafood from fishermen.

 Khao Sam Muk

Khao Sam Muk is a small hill one the way between Ang Sila district and Bang Saen beach. It is a good spot to see the panoramic view of Chonburi sea. There is a pave road run along the coast on the hill and makes it a spot to watch the sunset. The area is also inhabited by a large number of wild monkeys.

On the way up to Khao Sam Muk, there is Bluefin Beach Bar & Restaurant. There are cozy seats for dining while watching the sunset to listen to music from the restaurant. Yummy Bluefin Eggs is a recommended menu with the price of 180 baht. It is packed with  be crab’s eggs , fish’s egg and  horseshoe crab’s eggs.

Nearby Bluefin Beach Bar & Restaurant there is a small dairy restaurants called “Won House”. It has lovely slogan as “Enjoy your milk, chill out with sea breeze”. The most famous dessert here is steamed custard bread cost 45 Baht, and coco bread also 45 Baht.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

25 kms from Bangsaen beach, Khao Kheow Open Zoo an open zoo that allows animals to walk freely in the area of 2,000 acres. According to advertising, there are over 300 species and more than 8,000 animals. It is a wildlife sanctuary for fun and entertainment, ideal for the family.  The activities here include ild Khao Kheow, night safari, elephant trek, Flight of the Gibbon™ Zipline tours.

Where to stay

There are 9 beach front hotels on Bangsaen beach and 6 of them cost more than 2,000 Baht a night while only 3 are below 1000 Baht a night. If to choice the ones with the most value of money, it would be S2 Hotel and The Day Hotel and both of them are set next to the beach the price less than 1,000 Baht.

There is a another hotel called Bird hotel which is the cheapest beach front hotel, but the quality is quite low. It is not really a hotel but it’s rather part of a commercial building that share structure with other shops and residents. It sometimes noisy at night, also the wall is not sound proof that you can hear all noise from outside or from next room easily.

In general, the Day Hotel has much better in terms of hotel conditions. Its rooms look newer and more fresh but it is not close to the beach and doesn’t have beach view. S2, on the other hand, has good location on a small cape  which has a perfect view for sun set. Also it is only 100 meters away from the beach.

All 110 rooms are divided into 2 zones which are loft modern zone and classic zone. All room come with air-conditioned with hot shower. However cable TV is not available in all rooms. The hotel has meeting and conference rooms are available for 20-200 persons for any organization to have seminar in beach atmosphere. It cost about 880 Baht during low season, and about 1,100 Baht in high season. It is perfect for family and friend exciting break away during weekend.

1. The hotel is located right next the beach
2. No expensive given the location right on the beach
3. Easy access by car and taxi as in on beach road
4. Good service staff. And it’s hard to work.

1. The old building is old and a little tired, however the new is much better in condition.
2. As for the cleanliness of the pool. I’ll have to chit …
3. The rooms are be a little bit cramp
4. Not many selection for breakfast
5. It’s been known among travelers that the service is not great, however given price under 1000 Baht, it’s better not to expect much of service.

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