Hua Hin is very expensive city.  Although there are many hotels available in there, it is very hard to find a villa with the price under 7,000 Baht a night. Villa on the beach is even more expensive that you’re looking close to 10,000 Baht a night for the starting price. The article will show the cheapest villa hotel in Hua Hin.

If you look for a comfortable stay in luxury hotel, but it doesn’t have to look super new, this 10-year old hotel is the way to go. This hotel is cheapest rate compared to other resorts in the same standard in Hua Hin. The rooms are fantastic with ample space, beds comfortable and very fast Internet speed.

The resort pool and public areas make is great for weekend getaway with family and friends to escape busy city life. Breakfast is usually buffet with a wide range of fantastic dishes to suit guest. It is served within from 6.30 to 10.30. Here breakfast is closed 30 minutes late than other hotel (most hotels close it at 10.00).

The catch is it is not close to the beach and the hotel shows sign of wear and tear, although being only 10 years old. This is the two main reason why it is the cheapest villa in Hua Hin. It must be 5-star hotel ten year ago but the management must have had problem with keeping it look fresh. Besides having wear and tear look and without the beach,  everything else including facility, bed room condition, pool, garden, and restaurant is great for a villa with the price around 3,000 Baht a night.

Again, if you focus on price, being comfortable and beautiful view rather than how it looks from the outside and don’t mind stay 10 minutes away from the beach, this hotel is for you.

Price (During high season)
 1 Bedroom Villa (50 sqm) fits 2 persons: Between 2,500 - 3,500 THB (Other beach front hotel 8,000 - 12,000 THB)
 1 Bedroom Garden pool villa (75 sqm) fit 2 persons : Between 4,500 - 6,000 THB (Other beach front hotel 12,000++ THB)
 3 Bedroom Pool Villa (800 sqm) fit 4 persons: Between 20,000 - 25,000 THB (Other beach front hotel 60,000++ THB)
 4 Pool Villa Suite (900 sqm) fit 8 person:  Between 40,000 - 45,000 THB (Other beach front hotel minimum 80,000  THB)

Basically you pay around 60% cheaper than other hotels in the same standard.

Agoda even offers the lowest price:

Let’s have a look at the real photos of the hotel without Photoshop or any photo enhancement tool.

华欣是非常昂贵的城市。 虽然在那里有很多酒店,但很难找到价格为7,000泰铢一晚的别墅。 海滩上的别墅甚至更昂贵,您每晚开始价格接近一万泰铢。 该文章将显示华欣最便宜的别墅酒店。

如果您在豪华酒店寻找舒适的住宿体验,那么这个10年过去的酒店就不用走了。 这是华欣最好的酒店。 房间太棒了,空间宽敞,床铺舒适,网速非常高。

度假村游泳池和公共区域使周末远离家人和朋友,逃避繁忙的城市生活。 早餐通常是自助餐,提供各种美味佳肴以适合客人入住。 服务时间为6.30至10.30。 这里的早餐比其他酒店晚了30分钟(大多数酒店都在10.00附近)。

捕鱼不靠近海滩,酒店显示磨损迹象,虽然只有10岁。 这是华欣最便宜的别墅的两个主要原因。 今年必须是一家五星级酒店,但管理层必须保持新鲜的问题。 除了没有海滩的磨损外,其他一切,包括设施,床房条件,游泳池,花园和餐厅是一个伟大的别墅,价格约3000泰铢一晚上。


一卧室别墅(50平方米)适合2人入住:2,500 – 3,500 THB(其他海滨酒店8,000 – 12,000泰铢)
1间卧室花园泳池别墅(75平方米)适合2人入住:4,500 – 6,000泰铢(其他海滨酒店12,000 ++ THB)
3卧室泳池别墅(800平方米)适合4人入住:20,000 – 25,000泰铢(其他海滨酒店60,000 ++ THB)






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