Loei is another place in Northern Thailand with natural attractions, mountains, waterfalls and rivers. It’s been one of the main targets for local tourists and become more popular among foreign tourists. Traveling to Loei is not too difficult. The most convenient way to travel by air plane which takes only 1 hour from Bangkok. Air Asia and Nok Air fly from Don Muang Airport to Loei airport everyday. Buses and trains are also available but another 10 hours must be added to travel time.

In Loei province, Chiangkhan is one of the top three destinations where tourist flog to for holiday getaway during winter. Chiangkhan sit right on the banks of the Mekong with stunning views across to the mountains of Laos. It is very old city with a unique culture of Northern Thailand.

With very nice weather all year round, Chiangkhan provides a peaceful local life with a warm welcome for all visitors. The main attractions here are a lovely esplanade along the river, local walking street with unique teakwood houses on both sides. It has been booming in recent years as a incredible popular destination for domestic tourists.

There are direct flights from Bangkok to Loei daily which take around 1 hour, and from Loei you can take a shutter bus to Chiangkhan. Taking a bus to Chiangkhan is also easy as there are direct buses from Bangkok to Chiangkhan. You can just simply take a bus called “Bangkok-Loei-Chiangkhan” which is available from morning till mid night at Mor Chit 2 terminal station with the fair of 460 Baht (as of 2017). The bus will arrive Loei and end in Chiangkhan.

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There is no direct train to Chiangkhan, but if you want some adventure, train is another mean you can try. First, board a train in Hau Lam Pong train station to Udon. Once the train arrive Udon, take Songthaew or Tuk Tuk  to Udon Station 2 for intercity bus to Loei city center. Once you reach Loei, there are plenty of local automotive to Chiangkhan. The total time taken from Bangkok to Chiangkhan will be around 14 hours.

In Chiangkhan, you will enjoy wandering along Mekong river, browsing around vintage shops and relaxing in a café overlooking river and mountain from the distance. The town is famous among travelers who look for spending time for a slice of slow local life with local people. It is known to be one of the best town for to making merit by offering food to the monks in the morning and wander around the vintage street market with full of teakwood shophouses on the sides.

To get quiet and alone time with nature and beautiful views, you might want to get away a bit further out of town. There are quaint accommodations along Mekong river. We found one very interesting that you might like.

Located only 7 kms from town, Chiangkhan River Green Hill is a new tent camp accommodation setting on the hill near the bank of Mekong, overlooking Mekong River and magnificent mountains in Lao. It is a new best place to fall in love in Chiangkhan.

Chiangkhan River Green Hill is not the only one tent camp in Chiangkhan, but it probably has the best location for the best view of river with mountains in the background, while it is equipped comfortable facilities and pleasant amenities.

In the morning here, you will have full breathe of fresh cool air that not easy to do in a big city like Bangkok. The highlight at Chiangkhan River Green Hill is the the stunning view that you can see green forest covered by white mist from inside your tent. Also you will enjoy watching the morning and evening light.


  • Big Tent 24 sqm: 2,800 Baht a night (they often offer special discount to 2,000 Baht), inclusive of breakfast.
  • Small Tent 16 sqm: 1,600 Baht a night,  inclusive of breakfast.

All rooms come with minibar, air-conditioner, private toilet, hot water and hair dryer. The hotel also has pick-up service from and to walking street in Chiangkhan town. Airport pick-up is also available upon request (250-300 Baht per person).

Since this tent camp is fairly new, there is no online booking agent yet.
However, they have facebook’s Book Now button that you can use to book the room quite easily.
For more information and booking, contact https://www.facebook.com/Chiangkhan-River-Green-Hill-147681262456691.

Tel: +66 61-0196660, +66 84-5138861

Booking via facebook: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=183957015495782&id=147681262456691

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Photos: Chiangkhan River Green Hill

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