Doi Luang Chiang Dao is the third highest mountain in Thailand which has the height of 2,275 meters above sea level. In ancient times, Chiang Dao was called. “Doi Ang Salung” which mean mountain with a golden bowl. As the tale goes, this was the place the lord Buddha and his 8 follower monks stopped by and bathed with a golden bowl. It’s highly unlikely that Buddha was never in there but local people always have tales to make a place more sacred. Some people called it “Doi Luang” which mean enormous hill because its size.

Later people began to extend the name and called it Doi Luang Piang Dao, where Piang Dao mean “at the level of the stars”. It might be because at night with clear sky, stars can be seen clearly. Many years have passed, the name had distorted to Doi Luang Chiang Dao as the present name.

Doi Luang Chiang Dao consists of several peaks. Chiang Dao peak is the highest with 2,225 meters from the sea level. Other notable peaks are Doi Kew Lom (2,140 meters), Doi Nue or sometimes called Doi Pyramid (2,175 meters), Doi Nog (2,000 meters) and Doi Sam Phi Nong (2,150 meters).

Due to undesired terrains, impacts to nature and wildlife, and other risks, the authority allows travelers to climb up on only 2 peaks, Doi Kew Lom and Chiang Doa peak, from 1 November to 31 March. Doi Kew Lom has great spot to view sunrise and morning sea of frog, while Chiang Dao peak is best for scenery of sunset.

All travelers who plan to enter the peaks must obtain a permission from obtained from Director of Wildlife Reserve Division, Royal Forest Department a few weeks prior to the trekking. Normally the permission can be requested for you by a trekking organizer. Only 150 people per day are allowed to trek to Chiang Dao. However, if your plan is just to visit the foot hill or stay in a hotels in the viewing point to enjoy the scenery of Chiang Dao peak from there, there is no approval required.

There are about 6-7 accommodations in Doi Luang Chiang Dao and they are located not far from one another. So each they have similar scenery. There best hotels in Chiang Dao are Ban Rabiang Dao Homestay, Baan Mork Tawanm and Bann Lisu Homestay.

Bann Lisu Homestay is located in the valley but not too far from the road. The way is quite steep and quite secluded if it arrive at night. The accommodation has 5 house, 10 rooms and space available for 5 tents. The tents are provided by Bann Lisu Homestay itself, so you don’t have to bring one there.  The cottages have soft beds, a warm blanket in the room which is quite cozy in the middle of jungle. All rooms have private toilet.

However,  there is no power outlet for charging mobile phone or laptop. There is electricity from power generator but it will shutdown around 10 PM. There is no not water for shower as well. So during winter, water will be very very cold. he weather is very good. Breakfast is served in the cold. Phone signal is very weak that you have to walk to find the signal coverage.

The price is 500 per person per night. This price includes 1 menu of breakfast and 3 menus with rice for dinner.


  • Great location with stunning view high mountain in the front. The houses surrounded by trees, weather is goof all year round. During winter it’s very foggy in the morning
  • Very quiet and peaceful. Perfect for holiday getaway.
  • Very cheap compared to the returns. Cost 500 Baht per person per night for a house, include free breakfast (rice porridge) and 3 dishes and Thai chili past with 1 bowl of rice for dinner. If choose to stay in a tent, it’s 400 Baht per person a night.
  • Fresh drinking water available


  • Electricity is available until at 22.00 hrs only
  • The weather is cold and no hot water



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