Farmstead style cafe in Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima province called “Baan Nok Kok Na Khaoyai” is becoming a new place for stop by  for local food and coffee while enjoying beautiful view of rice and vegetable farm. Opened in June 2017, this lovely place is inspired by the philosophy of King Rama IX as  “Sufficiency Economy”, which also gives inspiration to many people to go back to home town in countryside to create their own little dream farm.

Aimed to be an agricultural tourism destination, the land owners us the last of the family’s inheritance to create a hybrid farm which is the ideal between organic farm and Sufficiency Economy which is the philosophy developed by King Bhumibol Adulyadej through his royal remarks over the past three decades. It also provides a place for those interested in learning about organic farming and people who like to live in a traditional home-style traditional home.

The cafe is divided into 3 zones. Upon arrival,  you will see country style cafe on the right hand side. There is no air conditioner in this area, but only electric fan to blow along with natural wind from the rice field nearby.  Over the ceiling, decorated with bamboo lanterns, dry rice leaves , dried zucchini and corn stalks hanging down from bamboo ceiling.

The highlight decoration in this area is Dipterocarpus alatus seed that many people don’t know it is and what it is for. Dipterocarpus alatus is a tropical tall forest tree used to dominate forests in South East Asian hundreds of years ago, especially Thailand. Since this wood is much valued in construction and cabinetwork, large portion of it has been cut down and left with small area in some national parks.

Later The King Rama IX started the initiative to preserve Dipterocarpus alatus by planting it in his palace in Hua Hin himself to expand the seed amount. Later it had been handed over to The Faculty of Forestry Kasetsart University for research and development of the plantation of this wood.

At the counter there is 100% organic rice berry grown without using chemicals in the farm nearby. The suggested drinks here are Latte Baannok, black coffee with honey. For those who don’t drink drink coffee, the restaurant also provide something lighter to enjoy with the view of rice field, for example lemon grass juice blended with pea flowers extract, honey with lemon soda, green tea with milk and chocolate.

Another 2 zones which are still not 100% completed yet, are the accommodation and trial farming . The accommodation zone is expected to open end of 2017 and followed by trial farming.

Opening Hour: 09:00-18:00 Hours (Mon-Fridy), 09:00 – 19:00 Hours (Sat-Sun)
Tel: +66-81-427-9725

The bamboo walkway extends into the shop. It will remind you of the bridge that rural people use to cross the river or small creek. The two sides are full of beautiful flowers. It’s a good spot for photographing.


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