Cha Pan Pee National Park (A thousand Years Tea National Park) is located in Baan Mai Pattana, Mae Suai District, Chiang Rai province. Covered the are of 1,800 acres,  Cha Pan Pee is a area of tea plantation and was announced to be a national  established on March 23, 2006.

The first impression you will get from the viewing point if the maintain is it is foggy in the morning. Later when the sun is rising above the horizon, the mist starting to fade way to form later of it along the horizon.  Mountains start to appear and the clustered mist that cover those starting to change its color on the height of sea level about 1,500 meters as the sun rises.

A thousand Years Tea National Park is very little known to most travelers, even local people who live in Chiang Rai might not have heard of it. It is a perfect place for camping for those who want to get away from city to get in touch with nature closely.

It is It is home to one of the Thailand’s largest tea and coffee plantation area which covers Doi Wawee and Doi Chaang. Since the road condition is not preferable to most travelers just stop at Doi Chaang and head back. Only handful of travelers continue to Cha Pan Pee National Park, and many travelers don’t even know about the existence of this it.

Recently Tourism Authority of Thailand has started promoting it as eco-tourism destination. Traveling here is not easy but also not too hard. You need a truck, a 4×4 wheel drive truck is even better. Cars will not able to make it here because the way is quite steel and the road condition doesn’t suit regular car. There is no paved road in this area.

You can also rent a motorcycle for coming here, and it’s good to make sure that it is a powerful motorcycle, like 125cc or above, for example Handa Wave 125cc.

At Cha Pan Pee, there is no electricity and no shop, no drinking water available so you have to bring your own things here. However, there is sufficient toilets built by department of Forestry to be available for visitors. This area is very safe. There are a handful of local villages whose people live near here for several decades. There is never a crime in this area but quite a number of road accident each year.

To reach here, just take the same road to Doi Chaang. Before going to the Doi Chaang Agricultural Center 1 km, there a junction leading to into Doi Chang. When you reach Doi Chaang village, look for a sign to “Baan Mai Pattana” village but the best way is to ask anybody at Doi Chaang village as every villager knows this place.




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