Most of travelers agree that the beauty of Thailand is unbeatable, especially of countless amazing unseen sites, both discovered and waiting to be discovered – beaches, mountains, historical places, etc. Just clear your schedule and add the unseen programme in to bring yourself to get in touch with fantastic nature.

Some places are best at proper period while some are just simply beautiful but all of them are surely impressive and memorable. Find some time to visit them at least once and you will know the real beauty of Thailand. Tired of mainstream destinations like Phuket, Pattay and Samui?  Check the following destinations and you will know that there are more in Thailand than Bangkok Pattaya and Phuket.

This post will present you with 10 little known but amazing attractions of Thailand. All amazing photos are from Why Me.

1. Breathtaking view from Phu Lang Ka (ภูลังกา), Phayao.
Phayao is probably one of the less known province in Thailand. Many people say besides kwan phayao, there is nothing else to see. And the good news is they are wrong. There are is much more in Phayao. One of the hidden beauty is Phu Lang Ka. The spectacular Phu Lang Ka is perched on the side of a mountain that looks down into a valley with a couple of limestone outcrops of the same type that grace destinations like Krabi, Vang Vieng and Ha Long Bay. Only that Phu Lang Ka is a bit more in land, so you will have more feeling of mountains and local living.

The main attractions of the forest park are the “Islands of fog” or “Sea of fog”  in the valleys in the early morning and the mountains of Doi Hua Ling, Doi Phu Lang Ka and Doi Phu Nom. The photo below is the view of road number 1148 leading to Phu Lang Ka. This could be the most lonely and romantic road sight in Thailand. If you want to seek a romantic trip, come and visit this place, but if you are trying to mend you broken heart, stay away from here as much as you can.


2. Misty mountain at dawn in Doi Mon Klui (ดอยม่อนคลุย), Ta Song Yang (ท่าสองยาง), Tak Province.
Doi Mon Klui is very little known to most travelers. It is located very remote from the city which requires 6-7 hours walk as there is no main road to the place. Lately there is a new road that only 4-wheel-drive trucks are able to get through the route. Once you get there, the view is stunning.


3). On top of the hill at Doi Pui Koh (ดอยพุ่ยโค), Mae Hong Son Province
At the elevation of 1,406 m above sea level and 10 kms away from the Sop Meoy District, Doi Pui Koh is knowns as the land of golden meadows. Beautiful scenery and the misty sea view 360-degree view can be seen at the sunrise. After sunset, there is a sky full of stars.

It is not easy to get there. Walking distance is about 3 km, it takes up to 1 hour to reach the mountain.  A lot of steep slopes but fairly easy walk. On the trail, you can view stunning view of mountain ranges from near and far. The best time to visit is  during January – February. It’s another remote but truly beautiful place to be in.


4) A view from Ra Beang Dao Homestay at Doi Loung Chiang Dao (ดอยหลวงเชียงดาว), Chiang Mai.
In a lush, jungle setting in the shadow of a mighty limestone mountain, Chiang Dao is a popular country escape from the steaming urban plains of Chiang Mai. Traveling to Doi Chiang Dao is pretty difficult. You must have a strong body and mind; you must carry your heavy luggage and water to go see a panoramic view of Chiang Mai at 2225 meters above sea level. Once you are there, you will want to go back again.


5) Camping at San Pa Kiah (สันป่าเกี๊ยะ), Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai.
Not very far from Doi Loung Chiang Dao, San Pa Kiah Agricultural Highland Station is an experimental station of the Thai-Australian Development Project. The plant is located in Doi Mae Taman, Tambon Mae Na, Chiang Dao District. Chiang Mai Province.

San Pa Kiah is  one of the least known but beautiful natural scenic spots in Chiang Mai. From the top of the hill we can see Doi Luang Chiang Dao from the distance. It’s also a popular tourist spot for camping. To wait for the beauty of nature. First light of day there will be the morning mist and in the evening you will see the bright stars glittering all over the sky.


6) Koh Miang, Similan Islands, Phang Nga
Koh Miang is the second largest island from Koh Similand of abundant forests and water resources where Hairy Leg Mountain Crabs and Nicobar Pigeons, the two sacred animals inhabiting. Koh Miang is located in front of the island at the north having very clear white sand and colorful sea which is good for swimming. Farther from the beach is the skin diving area of coral reefs and chool of fishes. You just can’t believe how clear the water here is.


7) Clear water, white sand beach at Koh Rung, Trad.
If you think Andaman shore is the only one that has clear white sand beach, think again. There is one not very far from Bangkok, Koh Rung in Trad Province. This small island at the west of Koh Mak does not have enough flat area suitable for setting up of any resorts and bungalows. However, Koh Rung is well known as the location for its birds nest concessions, sea turtle eggs and bat’s dung. The main attractions at the island are the stone knolls and the magnificent deep-sea corals.


8) Misty mountain in Pai (ปาย), Mai Hong Son.
OK, everybody know Pai. It’s is just as popular among Thais as foreigners. So far the town’s popularity has yet to negatively impact its nearly picture-perfect setting in a mountain valley. Stay way from Pai city a few kilometers and you will still find nice accommodations outside the main drag, a host of natural, lazy activities to keep visitors entertained, a vibrant art and music scene. The town’s Shan roots can still be seen in its temples, quiet back streets and fun afternoon market.


9) Huai Nam Dang (ห้วยน้ำดัง) แม่ฮ่องสอน
Huai Nam Dang is not as popular as Pai, but it offers one of the most beautiful “Islands of fog” (ทะเลหมอก) in Thailand. It’s situated on top of the crest of hills and the same range as Chiang Dao (เชียงดาว) mountain range. The park offers excellent views of the mist and fog common to the area in the early morning.

Huai Nam Dang is best visited in winter to fully experience the mist around the mountains. The temperature can go as low as 10 degrees centigrade from October to February but goes up to 25 degrees centigrade from March to April.


10) Doi Hau Singh (Lion Head Hill), in Om Goi, Chiang Mai.
This little know place is located in the most remote district in Chiang Mai, Om Goi (อำเภออมก๋อย). Because of shape of one of the hilltops here looks like a lion’s head, it is call “Lion’s Head Hill”, or Doi Hau Singh in Thai. Once you’re on the top of lion’s head hill, you can see a panoramic view of of the distance horizon the with 360 degrees angel.



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