Leave sadness and go out to relax on the beach, enjoy white sand, clear water and blue sky. The article shows you top 10 beautiful islands in Thailand with white sand and crystal clear water.

1. Similan islands

Similan Islands National Park is consider to be one of the most beautiful islands with white beach and crystal clear water. It’s home of many sea lives and beautiful coral reefs surrounded the area. The island consists of 9 small islands and each of them have long beach that is good for walking and swim in the clear water.

One of the best activities there is snorkeling for seeing variety of fish. When you go there, do not forget to go underwater with the camera. The tourist season is open from 1 November to 15 May and closed from 16 May to 31 October.

西米兰群岛国家公园是世界上最美丽的岛屿之一。 它是许多海洋生活和包围该地区美丽的珊瑚礁的家园。 该岛由9个小岛组成,每个岛屿都有一个很好的游泳海滩。 其中一个最好的活动是浮潜,看到各种各样的鱼。 当你去那里时,别忘了用相机去水下。 旅游季节从5月1日至5月15日开放。


2. Koh Lipe

If you like Maldives but having limited budget, you don’t have to go there. Koh Lipe is Maldives of Thailand. There the sea is very clear. Whenever you’re bored, sad or having a lot to think about, just leave those troubles and take your luggage to Koh Lipe.

In Lipe, you can spend the whole day watching the beauty of the sea without being bored. In the morning or during sunset, walking along the white sandy beach. Whether it’s Sunrise Beach, Pattaya Beach and the Fisherman’s Bay, all have island people living and selling fresh food to tourists.

At night enjoy walking and eating at walking street, also a lot of souvenir shops for you to pick your favorite gifts back home.

如果您喜欢马尔代夫,但预算有限,您不必去那里。 Koh Lipe是泰国的马尔代夫。 那里的海很清楚。 无论何时无聊,悲伤或有很多想法,只要离开烦恼,把你的行李带到Koh Lipe。 在Lipe,你可以花一整天的时间观看海洋的美丽,而不会感到无聊。 在早晨或在日落时,沿着白色的沙滩散步。 无论是日出海滩,芭堤雅海滩和渔人湾,都有岛屿人生活和销售新鲜的食物给游客。 晚上在步行街上散步和吃饭,还有很多纪念品商店,您可以在家中挑选最喜欢的礼物。


3. Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a paradise island of the Gulf of Thailand. Surrounded by crystal clear sea, there are many beautiful beaches with white sands, such as Lamai beach. There are a lot of coconut planted beautifully in the whole island. Peaceful atmosphere there is great for relaxation and escape.

Chaweng Beach is a the busiest  beach filled with a lot of people, yet it is still one of the beautiful beach you should visit for food and many nice restaurants, bars and nighttime hangouts. There are also a variety of activities you will not regret such as diving, trekking, visiting the waterfall in front of the city, paying homage to the Big Buddha or buying a tour to Ang Thong overnight.

苏梅岛是泰国湾的天堂岛。 周围环绕着清澈的海水,有许多美丽的海滩,白沙,如拉迈海滩。 全岛有很多椰子种植美丽。 和平的氛围是伟大的放松和逃脱。 查汶海滩是一个繁华的海滩,充满了很多人,但它仍然是您应该参观的美丽的海滩之一,还有许多不错的餐馆,酒吧和夜间环聊。 还有各种各样的活动,你不会后悔,如潜水,徒步旅行,参观城市前面的瀑布,向大佛致敬,或者一夜之间购买安通。


4. Koh Kut (or Koh Kood)

Koh Kood is also known as East Andaman Sea (which doesn’t exist) because the sea is as clear as the real Andaman sea. It is also the second largest island in the east, behind Koh Chang. On Koh Kood, there are plenty of natural beaches, waterfalls and waterfalls which are perfect for escape.

Enjoy activities on the beach, snorkeling, snorkeling, fresh sea food. Get inexpensive at the fishing village, visit Klong Chao waterfall with clear water throughout the year. It’s only 3 hours from Bangkok by car. Come and experience a simple lifestyle in the breeze of beautiful sunshine.

因为海洋是真正的安达曼海,Koh Kood也被称为东安达曼海(不存在)。 它也是东部第二大岛屿,落后于昌昌。 在Koh Kood,有很多自然的海滩,瀑布和瀑布是完美的逃生。 享受浮潜,浮潜,清新海鲜。 在渔村获得便宜的价钱,全年游览清水visit ao瀑布。 距离曼谷仅3小时车程。 在阳光明媚的微风中体验一种简单的生活方式。


5. Koh Samet

Koh Samet is another island not far from Bangkok. It is located in Trad province, and from Ban Phe pier to the island,  it takes about 40 minutes. There are many beautiful beaches, such as Sai Kaew Beach, Ao Wongduen, Ao Phai, Ao Phrao and Ao Noi.

Koh Samet is known to be one of the top tourist destinations in the East. There are also many accommodation options. Whenever you come to Koh Samet, it is guaranteed that you will not be lonely because there are activities to do throughout the day. You can walk along the sandy beach, lie down in the beach listening to the waves with sea breeze. You can also do kayak, jet ski, banana boat, etc.

The best activities might be swimming to cool off the heat, then enjoy the fresh seafood in restaurants on the shore, sit down and relax in one of the beach bars. At night there is fire performance show.

沙美岛是距离曼谷不远的另一个岛屿。 它位于传统省,从Ban Phe码头到岛屿,大约需要40分钟。 有许多美丽的海滩,如西澳海滩,奥黄杜,奥佩,奥波和奥诺。 沙美岛被认为是东方旅游目的地之一。 还有很多住宿选择。 每当你来到沙美岛时,保证你不会孤单,因为全天都有活动。 你可以沿着沙滩走,躺在沙滩上听海浪的海风。 您也可以去皮划艇,喷气滑雪,香蕉船等。最好的活动可以是游泳来冷却热量,然后在岸边的餐厅享用新鲜的海鲜,坐在沙滩吧放松身心。 晚上有一场防火表演。


6. Koh Rok

Koh Rok (pronounced like “Rock”) is little known to most tourists which is good because it make the island full with natural abundance. Nature on the island is still not ruined by people yet. It is the place where diving lover must not miss because there are a lot of beautiful surrounding under water.

The areas is also full of coral reefs, sea flowers, and variety of fish and animal. The best activities are scuba diving. One thing to note is on the island, there are no resorts. However, there is National Park accommodation in case you need to stay overnight.

Most tourists come for a one day trip, but if one wants to enjoy the serenity of the ocean for the whole night, you can book the accommodation with the national park officers. Then arrange a tour to pick up the next day.

Koh Rok(听起来像“Rock”)对于大多数游客来说是一个很有名气的地方,因为它使得岛屿充满天然丰富。 岛上的自然还没有被人毁灭。 潜水爱好者一定不能错过的地方是水下很多美丽的环境。 这些地区还充满了珊瑚礁,海鲜,各种鱼类和动物。 最好的活动是水肺潜水。 要注意的是岛上,没有度假胜地。 但是,如果您需要住宿一晚,那里有国家公园的住宿。 大多数游客来日游,但如果想享受整个海洋的宁静,可以和国家公园的官员预约住宿。 然后安排旅行接送第二天。


7. Koh Phanagn

Koh Phangan is where the Full Moon Party take place every month in Thailand. In addition to the reputation of the full moon party, Koh Phangan is also beautiful and charming with lush green terrains.  The island has a few fine sandy beaches. The water is so clear that you can snorkel and diving for beautiful coral reefs. During the day and night you can enjoy extreme sports and party.

For people with slow-life, you can also explore daily life of the fisherman by visiting villages and buy some fresh food. There are a lot of activities too, such as yoga, Thai boxing, Thai massage. Of course, the best thing in the island id Full Moon Party which take place every full-moon night.

“帕岸岛”是泰国每个月举行满月派对的地方。 帕岸岛也是美丽迷人的绿色地形。 该岛有一些细沙滩。 水是如此清楚,你可以浮潜和潜水美丽的珊瑚礁。 白天黑夜你可以享受极限运动和派对。 对于生活缓慢的人,您还可以通过参观村庄探索渔民的生活并购买新鲜食物。 还有很多活动,如瑜伽,泰国拳击,泰式按摩。 当然,这个岛上的最好的事情就是每个满月发生的满月派对。


8. Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi Island is part of Nopparat Thara – Phi Phi Island National Park. The island consists of two large islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Island. On the island, there are clean white beaches, plenty of accommodation, restaurants and amenities. This is the location where the movie “The Beach” was shot.

Maya Beach is the most beautiful beach on the island. It has clear emerald-like sea water which is paradise for diving lovers. There are plenty of the beautiful coral, sea flowers and many fish species. The best activities are to relax by walking along the sandy beach, then continue with snorkeling and scuba diving.

披披岛是披披塔拉披披岛国家公园的一部分。 该岛由两个大岛屿,皮皮岛和皮皮岛组成。 岛上有干净的白色沙滩,大量的住宿,餐厅和便利设施。 这是拍摄电影“海滩”的位置。 玛雅海滩是岛上最美丽的海滩。 它有清澈的翡翠般的海水,是潜水爱好者的天堂。 有很多美丽的珊瑚,海鲜和许多鱼类。 最好的活动是沿着沙滩散步,然后继续浮潜和潜水。


9. Kho Phayam

Koh Phayam is a beautiful both for land and sea. There are high mountains covered with lust green forest. On the shore it is rich with mangrove forests with mangrove animals . White sandy beach stretching across the bay, while some areas are clay cover by mangrove trees.

Koh Phayam is known to have peaceful atmosphere. It is a good place to stay for a short time. Sound of waves can be heard from the resort. Some parts of the island have sandy beaches with clear water cool, and suitable for snorkelling as well. The best activities are paying homage to the temple at Koh Payam, visiting the temple in the middle of the water and watching the sunset at Ao Yai.

Koh Phayam是一个美丽的陆地和海洋。 有高山覆盖着绿色的森林。 在岸边,红树林与红树林有丰富的动物。 白沙滩横跨海湾,而一些地区则是红树林的粘土。 该地区已知有和平的气氛。 这是一个很好的住宿地点。 从度假村可以听到波浪的声音。 岛上的部分地区有沙滩,海水清澈,也适合浮潜。 最好的活动是在拜拜拜访寺庙,拜访中间的寺庙,并在奥亚观赏日落。


10. Kho Tao

Koh Tao is located near two neighbouring islands, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. Ko Tao may still be the smallest in size when compared to another two islands, but it has many things to offer ranking from diving, relaxing on the beaches, hiking in coastal jungles and partying at night. It has the busy vibe of Samui mixed with the laid-back nature of Pha-Ngan.

Koh Tao is known as the best place in Gulf of Thailand for scuba diving because there are many diving spots, both scuba diving and snorkeling to enjoy beautiful coral reefs and many aquatic species. Many tourist come to Koh Tao for diving especially. There are also dive schools in Ko Tao for those who want to learn diving there.

For in land activities, to explore the island fully, the tourists can rent a bike for around 100-300 baht a day. There is also a Big Bike and ATV for those who like more exciting ride.  Anyhow, I have to rely on driving skills enough. Because on the island are both easy riding and dirt roads. After the sun set chill out at the famous Fizz Beach Lounge, enjoying  cold drink with beautiful view of sunset.

Koh Tao位于邻近的两个岛屿,帕岸岛和苏梅岛。与其他两个岛屿相比,柯涛仍然是最小的,但是从潜水,海滩放松,沿海丛林徒步旅行和晚上聚会等方面都有很多优点。它有苏梅岛的气氛与Pha-Ngan悠闲的性质相融合。 Koh Tao被认为是泰国湾水肺潜水的最佳地点,因为有许多潜水点,水肺潜水和浮潜享受美丽的珊瑚礁和许多水生物种。许多游客特别来到Koh Tao潜水。 Koh Tao也有潜水学校,想要在那里学习潜水。在土地上,要充分探索这个岛屿,游客每天可以租一辆100-300泰铢的自行车。对于喜欢更多精彩的人来说,还有一辆Big Bike和ATV。无论如何,我必须依靠驾驶技术。因为在岛上都是容易的骑马和土路。在着名的Fizz海滩休息室晒太阳后,您可以享受美丽的日落美景的清凉饮料。



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